Set the mood throughout your home with one button press.  Lighting control gives you the freedom to easily change the look and feel of a space from beautiful keypads throughout the property.

You’re also able to save energy by dimming every light in the home including LED’s.  You’ll replace lamps less often, pay less on your power bill and be able to enjoy your home without the annoyance of having to guess which light switch does what.

Lighting control replaces all of your large banks of light switches with sleek clearly labelled keypads and really does make your home more fun to live in.

Tying lighting control in with motorized blinds allows you total light control of your home still from a single keypad.

When you integrate lighting with our control systems an entirely new dimension of function is possible.

  • When your security alarm goes off we can flash your exterior lights and set all of the interior lights to full.
  • When you’re pulling up to the house at night the lights can automatically light your way for a safe arrival.
  • Control your lights from anywhere in the world from your mobile devices.
  • Integrate the system with your thermostat to gain total control of all your home systems from one easy to use application on your phone, tablet, or any of our dedicated control interfaces.

In our experience, once you’ve lived with lighting control you’ll never want to live without it again.  Stop into our showroom so we can show you what it can do for you.

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